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Britain’s nature is in crisis.
We call on the UK’s largest landowners to rewild.

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The British countryside is dying. Our ‘green and pleasant’ land may look lush, but in reality the diversity of the life in Britain has dwindled to a terrifying low. Pollinator numbers are falling, ecosystems are beginning to collapse and species are dying out fast.
If we continue this way, we’re in deep water – literally. Crops will fail, flood water will rise, disease will spread. The beloved characters of our childhood stories will be lost for good and our security and safety will go along with them.
In 2021, we are launching campaigns that challenge high-profile landowners in the UK to take responsibility for the nature and future of this nation by rewilding their land.
Initially, the campaigns will address three major landowners: the Royal Estates, the Church of England and the colleges of Oxbridge. These three highly respected household names own huge tracts of land across the UK, which include some of the UK’s most nature-depleted landscapes.
They are also traditional stewards of the land, and teachers or leaders of the British people.
In the midst of this climate crisis, we ask that they step into this stewardship role in a real and meaningful sense by rewilding and restoring their deadened land. We appeal to these institutions to lead the way for landowners across Britain, setting an example of care and love for the land.
Everyone is welcome to join in and create their own actions and campaigns, small or large, local or national, to aid the cause.

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